In addition to performing music, Scotty Newlands has spent most of his life performing on the stage as well. Joining a theatre company at the age of 13, Scotty was exposed to all forms of theatre and did some of his first solo performances as a singer while he playing different characters on stage.

During this time, Scotty learned the finer points of stage performance, vocal projection and facial and physical expression. He studied Theatre at University - majoring in Theatre Studies and taking courses in Non-European Theatre. It was here that Scotty learned about the influences of Japanese Kabuki, Noh, Indian and Chinese Opera performance. He also was taught about the various mudras and corresponding facial expressions - which he utilized in his in-depth study of Kabuki.

After graduating from University, Scotty spread his ambitions towards film and television.

Today, Scotty continues to perform on stage in musical theatre, on screen - both television and film and is also exploring commercial voice-over work while he continues to fulfill the goals and demands of his music career.

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