Scotty's extensive tenor and counter tenor vocal range puts him is a class aside from most male singers. From his early days in school choirs, and University ensembles where he honed his vocal and theatrical skills, to present day where stage and studio are the primary focus, Scotty excels in all aspects of his performance attributes.

Combining his love of performance with a desire to serve, Scotty enlisted into the Canadian Army Reserve in 2002. He began his military career as a musician and later - took his commission to become an officer. He served as a Public Affairs representative and featured anthemnist for many high-profile events until his retirement from the military in 2016.

In the fall of 2004, Scotty teamed up with classically-trained pianist and producer Richard Uglow at Studio 92 in Toronto to begin working on his original material. Uglow's music and ideas complimented Scotty's personal style of writing and vocal expression. Because of Scotty's background with basic audio engineering, both he and Uglow were able to work as a team to figure out the best possible sound for the different projects they worked on together. Upon completion of his initial demo project with Uglow entitled: "NO VACANCY", Scotty turned his sights and efforts towards recording a full-length album.

"NEW ROADS", was recorded in-between concert venues and acting performances. Working with Toronto-based producer Brent Bodrug, Scotty put his years of writing and external inspiration into a record that demonstrated his vast range and musicality. His aim was to give something back to the people who have supported him throughout all of his aspirations by providing his family, friends, and many supporters with a style and sound that everyone could enjoy. The album was officially released in February of 2009 at a private party.

In the spring of 2009, Scotty signed an international distribution deal with IndiePool for both retail and digital sales. Shortly after this, he signed a licensing agreement with Nightingale Music to expose "NEW ROADS" to the world of film, tv and radio placement.

In May of 2010, through writers Les Kotzer and Lewis Manne, Scotty was introduced to Juno Award winning producer Greg Kavanagh (BKS, David Foster, Aretha Franklin, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt) to record vocals for his tribute single "These Are Our Heroes". A musical relationship was forged between them both, and since then, Scotty has been busy with Greg - creating new music and developing a new sound to complement his vast performance style. With more than 25 years in the industry, multiple major label deals and recording contracts under his belt, Greg's reputation speaks for itself. His notoriety, achievement and industry recognition is unquestionable and he is the perfect fit for Scotty. Together, they are creating an exciting new musical vision which will suit Scotty's sound and help him to compete in today's cut-throat music scene.

December 2011 marked a new chapter in Scotty's life when he joined the artist roster for Current Management. Under the guise and watchful eye of Juno Award winning veteran manager and rock icon Gerry Young (The Parachute Club, Martha and the Muffins, Frank D'Angelo, George Casey) Scotty set off on an exciting new path and has since - successfully released his latest singles to nationwide AC radio stations. The musical relationship between Scotty, Greg and Gerry has proven to be a winning combination of musical talent, production and marketing in order to execute a series of successful campaigns and establish a solid foothold as they move forward towards the future.

In May 2012, Scotty signed a distribution deal with Blue Sapphire/ DEP Universal for the release of his new album "Starting Over". This marked Scotty's first release with major label representation and the achievement of a major career milestone.

Scotty is frequently asked to sing the national anthem because of the power, conviction and authenticity in which he sings it. He has been requested to perform personally by various major league sporting associations in Toronto, including the Maple Leafs, Marlies, Argos, Blue Jays, Raptors, Toronto FC, Steelback Grand Prix, Honda Grand Prix and was personally requested by the NHL to perform at the 2009 Winter Classic in Chicago and the 2013 MLB All Stars Game in New York. He is currently the home game anthem singer for the NLL Toronto Rock franchise - a position he has held proudly since 2013 regular season.

Scotty performs at a variety of events - both corporate and private functions and often lends his talents to a variety of charity organizations, including: Wheelchair Hockey, The United Way, Veteran's Associations, social groups and various community organizations and benefits. For more details, visit the Services page.

Scotty continues to write and perform music that is a true expression of himself - and to pay homage to the many artists from which he derives his creative inspiration.

The best is yet to come...